how do i convert square metres to lineal metres for a deck

Deck Flooring Calculator and Price Estimator - Inch Calculator

Once you have the square footage of the deck you need to find the square footage of the board you've selected in feet. To find this multiply the width of the floor board in feet times the length in feet. You can use our feet and inches calculator to convert the board width in inches to feet. To find the number of boards you need,

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How Much Decking Do I Need? - ecodek

Jun 13, 2012 Read our article on how to calculate the number of boards required to build your composite decking project. Therefore the next calculation is to work out how many linear metres is needed to cover this area m2 x 7.1 e.g. 24 x 7.1 = 170.4; Once the overall total of metres is calculated, to work out the number

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Timber Conversion Calculator - Tasman KB

Length, m, 3.6 lineal metres of 90 × 45 = 0.0146 m3. Depth, mm, 246.91 lineal metres of 90 × 45 per m3. Thickness, mm, 90 × 45 $2.75 / lm = $679.01 m3. Cost pm $, $/m

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Decking Timber Halswell Timber

Making the right decisions on decking. Not only does a deck increase the indoor/outdoor flow of your home, it is also great for entertaining guests and enjoying the outdoors in the privacy of your own home. Just like buying the right car there are variables to take in to account to ensure the correct decking products are

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Square Meters to Lineal Meters Calculator - Tile Importer

1, Timber Square to Lineal Meter Calculator. 2, Length, Width, Square Meters. 3, Area 1, 0. 4, Area 2, 0. 5, Area 3, 0. 6, Area 4, 0. 7, Area 5, 0.00. 8, Total Square meters, 0.00. 9, Floor/Deck width. 10, Decking board spacing. 11. 12. 13, Lineal Meters, #DIV/0! 14, Wastage % (5 to 10 % usually). 15. 16, Total lineal meters

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Square to Linear Conversion - Round Wood of Mayfield

The calculation required to convert square metres to linear metres can, on first impressions, seem rather complicated. It helps to think in terms of the number of linear to cover an area of 1 square metre, (1m x 1m). To calculate this, first assume that the 1m 'length' of the area is always covered by 1m long decking boards.

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