how to fix a post to a block wall

How to Fasten Anything to Concrete - Popular Mechanics

Oct 29, 2013 These four types of fastener are specifically designed for attaching to concrete, and most can also be used in brick, stone, and concrete block as well. Before installing most concrete fasteners, you must first drill a hole using a carbide-tipped masonry bit. The quickest, easiest way to drill into concrete is with

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How to Choose and Use Concrete Fasteners, Masonry Screws

It should fit snugly but drive in easily with a hammer. If the hole gets a bit large, use a bigger screw to push the plastic against the walls of the hole. Drawbacks: If the concrete is soft or crumbly, the plastic anchor may break free and turn as you turn the screw. To fix this problem, cut an extra anchor into lengthwise strips with a

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Build a privacy fence on top of a block wall - YouTube

Oct 26, 2013 How to build a cedar plank privacy fence on top of a block concrete wall using redhead bolts and dog-eared cedar plank fencing. How to build a fence. Great Job, Do you know anyone in Long Beach, Ca That can fix my fence this way? Only able to use one Thank you for posting it. I have a question:

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gates - How do I prop-up or fix a wall that is slowly moving

More than likely, the column of blocks has settled slightly causing your problem. I can't see from your picture, but has the gap between the top blocks and wall also opened slightly? If it has, then your blocks have shifted. Usually the weight of a large gate, such as you have, causes this problem on a fairly

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How to Install the best concrete Wall Anchor easy ! - YouTube

Mar 10, 2012 /products/instantbond-large-kit/ Learn How to Install the best concrete Wall Anchor easy / installation of the concrete wall An easy way to repair a concrete Wall Anchor. Can I use that for installing wooden stud 2x4 on block foundation wall and then cement board with tiles.

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privacy fence ideas on top of block walls of privacy to your exisitng

privacy fence ideas on top of block walls of privacy to your exisitng block wall, or a free-standing fence

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How to Repair a Masonry Block Wall

There are plenty of reasons why a masonry block wall is used around your home. Most of the time these walls are used as retaining walls, or for building up outbuildings for sheds and garages. After a few years of sitting in the weather, you may find some cracks, or some of the blocks crumbling or breaking. Repairing the

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How to fit gate posts to a wall Gate fitting guide - Gate Expectations

so everything matches, used for fixing to a wall or other structure and fixed by either frame fixings or masonry screws/bolts. Concreting posts into the ground? Please see our guide showing you how to sink your posts into the ground. With posts that are sunk into the ground the bigger the post size the better, however with

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How Do I Erect a Fence? This Old House

Joist hangers aren't designed for that purpose, especially on brittle concrete block. Besides, I don't think the exposed metal brackets would look all that good on a fence like this. Neither will 2x4 posts, which just aren't strong enough in any case. Your fence will be stronger and look better if you use 4x4 posts anchored in

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