best combo druid deck in philippines

Separating the Good from the Great: Midrange Druid - Liquid Hearth

Midrange Druid is a staple near the top of the Power Rankings and it's generally considered a pretty straight forward deck. What then, are the top players doing that keep them one step ahead?

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[S17] Top 10 Legend midrange combo druid - Hearthstone Decks

Sep 24, 2015 Late game it enables a 10 mana 16 damage combo, which does actually happen from time to time. Savage Combatant: This is one card that people thought it's going to be okay, but it turns out better than everyone thought. It works great in this deck because with more consistent ramp we can have more

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Comprehensive Combo Druid Guide - Hearthstone Players

Feb 2, 2017 This is my guide to playing combo Druid, my absolute favorite class that I have used to rank from 18 to Legend. My main deck. Decklist (to the right) is what I'm currently using and have used to ladder from rank 5 –> Legend. Blizzard has bestowed upon us an incredibly good card in Blackrock Mountain,

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Infinite Combo Druid (season 45) - Hearthstone Top Decks

Dec 12, 2017 1Lesser Jasper Spellstone1; 2Wild Growth2; 2Wrath1; 3Jade Blossom2; 4Astral Tiger2; 4Ironwood Golem2; 4Oaken Summons2; 4Swipe2; 5Nourish2; 6Spreading Plague2; 7Malfurion the Pestilent1; 8Grizzled Guardian2; 9Hadronox1. Neutral (8). 3Drakkari Enchanter1; 9Dragonhatcher2; 9Master

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Combo Ramp Druid Deck Guide - Hearthstone Players

Feb 2, 2017 Introduction. If you have played a few games on the ladder this month you'd have noticed that everyone and their dogs are playing Druid. If you're wondering why, and want to jump on the Druid bandwagon, I'm here to help. My name is 'humans' and I played my Double Combo Ramp Druid to top 500

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#1 Legend Combo Druid! 80% winrate - Hearthstone Decks

Jan 9, 2016 I stream at: Proof: rank 1 druid. Why 2x living roots and 2x azure drake? I've been playing double roots double drake since forever and it's been working great for me. The thing about running double living roots is that it makes you vulnerable to running out of steam, but having double

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