floor slope of screened in porch

How to prevent water damage on your porch - The Porch Company

May 24, 2013 A gable roof is the vaulted style that slopes down on 2 sides and creates the shape of an A. Read more about and see pictures of the different roof styles in our blog post about roof styles. Because the porch is screened, some water will blow in. Don't let that water pool – keep it moving! Design your floors to

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Porch Guide - The Platform - by Vintage Woodworks

Either way, please be aware that your finished porch floor should be slightly below the door threshold to permit proper water drainage and should slope gently away from the house. Please seek professional assistance in determining the proper foundation for your location and situation. The most important consideration

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How To Screen Porch - Ask the BuilderAsk the Builder

Drainage slots need to be engineered into the bottoms of the screen panels, and the floor of the porch needs to always slope ever so slightly to the exterior walls. You surely don't want water ponding on the floor of the porch. Remember that a screened porch is not any different than a regular room addition. This means if you

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Porch slab same level as house slab??? - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

on each side of each exterior door. The floor or landing at the exterior door shall not be more than 1.5 inches (38 mm) lower than the top of the threshold. The landing shall be permitted to have a slope not to exceed 0.25 unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (2-percent). Exceptions: 1. Where a stairway of two or

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Understanding Porches - Restoration & Design for the Vintage

May 31, 2016 Make sure the porch floor has a slight slope to it—between 1?8" and ?" per linear foot for tongue-and-groove floors. (If the porch is deeper than 8', . Outfit your front porch or screened porch as it was meant to be—an outdoor room with personality, comfort, color, and texture. Furnish it for conversation and

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How to Install Porch Flooring how-tos DIY

First, check the existing porch alignment to ensure that your porch frame is in square. Measure from opposite end to opposite end. If the two measurements are within a half inch, you're good to proceed. Ensure that your joists are installed with the crown on the upside Make sure that your porch from pitch or slope moves

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Ways to preserve your porch floor - tribunedigital-chicagotribune

Jun 20, 2008 The hardest hit are traditional, solid surface, tongue-and-groove floors without gaps for drainage like a deck. But there are several ways to reduce maintenance and repairs when you build a new porch or maintain an old one. Built-in problems. Flat roofs have a little slope because they have to shed water.

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How to Prevent Water on a Screened Porch Home Guides SF Gate

Floor Slope. When you're building your screened porch, make sure the floor is sloped correctly to prevent standing water. Although this won't keep water from entering your porch, it can reduce the damage water causes to the contents of your porch by draining water away. Ideally, the floor should create a slight peak in the

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Build a Screened In Porch or Patio - Extreme How To

In many instances, however, the porch will be constructed on a concrete or other type of solid patio. The ideal scenario is to pour a concrete slab for the porch, which can then be further embellished with a slate or quarry tile floor. A screened porch will have to handle the elements, so make sure all materials used are for

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