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Persian Parade Iranian Flag: A National Historical Perspective

Jan 10, 2005 -and Whereas a Flag is the manifestation of a nation's independence, pride, and her unique lifestyles and norms,. It is henceforth resolved that,. The Persian Parade Committee unanimously adopts the historical three colored (Green-White-Red) Flag of Iran with the archaeologically inscribed Lion, Sword

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Iran Flag and Description - World Atlas

The centered symbol is said to symbolize the five principles of Islam. According to sources, the white stylized script on the red and green panels, repeated 22 times, is the Islamic phrase Allahu Akbar, meaning "God is greater than to be described. " The centered sword is representative of the country's strength. All Country

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Flag Iran, flags Iran - Flags and Anthems

The Flag of Iran is in its current form since the 29th July 1980 valid and reflects the changes that Iran went through since the Islamic Revolution. The flag consists of three equal horizontal stripes: green top, white in the middle and red below. Green symbolizes Islam, know peace and friendship and courage and red blood

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Flag of Iran - Wikipedia

The flag of Iran is a tricolour comprising equal horizontal bands of green, white and red. It was adopted on 29 July 1980, as a reflection of the changes brought about by the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which resulted in the replacement of 2,500 years of continuous Persian monarchy with an Islamic Republic under the Grand

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File:Flag of Iran.svg - Wikimedia Commons

English: Flag of Iran. The tricolor flag was introduced in 1906, but after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 the Arabic words 'Allahu akbar' ('God is great'), written in the Kufic script of the Qur'an and repeated 22 times, were added to the red and green strips where they border the white central strip. The official ISIRI standard

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