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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Fast2K - English

To use Fast 2K for the above applications simply follow the same directions as to install fence posts. Please keep in mind that the hole should be 1” – 2” (2.5cm – 5cm) larger than the diameter of the post/pole to be anchored. Fast 2K can also be used to anchor some items into the ground or into holes drilled in concrete.

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Fence Posts Archives - Fencing, the Composite Alternative to

Nov 10, 2016 The Fencing Post is a self-supporting component. In most cases, it is embedded in the ground in a concrete footer just like a wood post. The dense, thick wall of a post makes it capable of withstanding high winds -- over 110 mph constant winds and 130+ mph bursts for fences built 6′ tall and 8′

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2.5” advanced composite posts general installation - Eco Fencing

height (including the gravel board if actually used). EcoFencing posts should be concreted into the ground to ensure that the fence is sturdy. Allow 2ft (600mm) above the chosen fence height when deciding on post height. This extra 2ft (600mm) will be set below ground level in the concrete. Longer posts will be needed for.

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FAQ - Fencing, the Composite Alternative to Wood & Vinyl

The typical recommendation for stockade-style fences is to install them on 6′ post centers which adds costs for posts and causes extra time and expense for labor. Stockade composite fences are usually not tested or backed with product engineering. Innovative High-Performance ? Fencing. The innovative design of

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Shop FootingPad 12-in Composite Foundation Pad at Lowes.com

Replaces concrete footings of equal diameter; Saves time, less hassle, less mess compared to poured concrete; Meets the icc-es building code acceptance criteria; Lightweight patented design; Evenly distributes deck and pole barn post loads; Works with many different types of posts; Made in the USA from a proprietary

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Post Protector 4 in. x 4 in. x 3-1/2 ft. Cedar Tone HDPE Composite

Post Protector is a slide-on barrier system protecting in-ground posts from decay by eliminating soil-to-wood or concrete-to-wood contact. Decay occurs when the following conditions exist: Moisture saturation of wood fiber, Oxygen, Temperature 40° to 100°F. These conditions enable the soil dwelling micro-organisms,

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PasturePro Composite Fence Posts - Kencove

First, put out of your mind all the posts you have used in the past. Below are some thoughts to help "open your mind" about line posts for hi-tensile electric fencing: The main function of an electric fence line post is to support the electric fence wire, and it needs to have a means to insulate the electrified wire from the ground.

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Footing Pad Foundation Pad DeckExpressions

Footing Pad / Composite Footing System. The FootingPad composite deck post footing system is engineered to provide the fastest, most economical means to raise your deck in record time. The FootingPad system's design is lightweight, evenly distributes deck post loads, and saves hours of back-breaking work.

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