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SAVA releases results of first ever PVC Recycling Survey - Plastics SA

Nov 2, 2015 The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) released the results of its first ever PVC Recycling Survey into the state, scope and size of PVC recycling PVC is one of the most widely used polymers in the world and has the longest history of recycling amongst plastics and the most advanced level of

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More About PVC - The Southern African Vinyls Associations

Imperatives such as health, environment and sustainability requires Southern Africa to develop a regional and industry compliant set of protocols related to issues such as: Emissions in the production of PVC resin and PVC products. The use of safe and internationally accepted additives in PVC products, manufacturing

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Carst & Walker South Africa PVC Emulsion, Suspension Resins

PVC is produced industrially by emulsion (ePVC) and suspension (sPVC) methods, and the products thereof exhibit different physical and rheological properties based on their different particle size and molecular mass characteristics. Additives: PVC can be plasticized or used in its unplasticized form (uPVC), depending on

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Why PVC-O - Sizabantu Plastic Piping Systems Molecor South Africa

Why PVCO? Technical information and frequently asked questions regarding the use of PVC-O Plastic Piping. The below information is extracted from our joint partner – MOLECOR. (Sizabantu Piping Systems Official Distributor of Molecor South Africa). What is PVC-O PVC-O characteristics and advantages PVC-O pipes

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About PVC - The Basics - Southern African Vinyls Association - SAVA

About PVC - The Basics. PVC is a chlorinated hydrocarbon polymer and its basic building blocks are chlorine, carbon and hydrogen. These elements are obtained from two hydrocarbons, sea salt or sodium chloride (NaCl) and crude oil or natural gas. Most of us use PVC every day. Around our homes, it is used in a wide

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DPI Plastics - PVC & HDPE pipe & fittings manufacturer

This represents a first for the South African industry, DPI Plastics Technical and Product Manager Renier Snyman highlights. The app includes a calculator that can be used to determine friction loss, flow resistance, pipe size, and water delivery for pipelines under pressure. read more. Previous Articles: DPI FlowCalc app is

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DPI Plastics - Energy & Conservation - Designing with PVC & HDPE

The South African plastics pipe industry assists with economic and social development through the supply of potable water and the provision of sanitation. . PVC-M pressure pipes have been successfully used in Southern Africa for 12 years, with over 40 000 km from one pipe manufacturer having been installed. However

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PVC-O Technical Features - Sizabantu Piping Systems Molecor

PVC-O Technical Features - Sizabantu Piping Systems Molecor South Africa - Oriented PVC - PVC-O TOM - Plastic Pipe Resistance Sizabantu. Subsequently, TOM? pipes carry more water using less energy than other kinds of pipes. What's more, they are the most efficient in terms of the relationship between investment

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