what to build a cheap dance floor out of

Build A Dance Floor On Grass - Outside The Box Wedding

Feb 12, 2017 Step 1: Planning! What is your budget? How big is your dance floor going to be? Will it be located on a leveled grass ground? How much time do you have to build it? How many people can help you?

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Hey, Let's Make a Dance Floor! Only $24 plus cost of paint for this

I refuse to paint it like this but just a thought ---Building your own dance floor is easy and so much less expensive than renting one. Use this This is a pretty easy project to do considering how cool this dance floor turns out . Build A Dance Floor On Grass - Outdoor parties, weddings and more - Outside The Box Wedding.

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Ken Wingard's DIY Dance Floor Paige & Jason's Wedding

Dance Floor Instructions: (For a 12x12 dance floor. Floor is modular. Add or subtract panels accordingly.) Start with 9 4x4 panels of 3-quarter inch thick plywood sheets and 27 2x4's. The 2x4's are used to support and to connect the 4x4 floor pieces. There are 3 specific 4x4 floor piece configurations: Corners, Outside Panels,

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How to Build a Dance Floor - Your Homebased Mom

Sep 20, 2012 To make a somewhat long, 5 month long story, short, I had a dance floor and then I didn't have a dance floor, I had a dance floor and then I didn't. In fact I Who wouldn't want to dance on a black and white checkerboard dance floor!!! Dance Floor Save. For more Wedding Carnival posts check out these:.

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DIY dance floor? - Weddingbee Boards

Is your venue indoors or out? I would expect it to be tough and expensive to do your own floor. If your reception is indoors you could maybe get a marley floor like they use in dance studios but I don't think it would be too cheap. I think you might be able to find big sheets of masonite for cheap. The only thing is that hard

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Make Your Own Dance Floor? No Dance Floor? - Weddingbee Boards

I really can't imagine paying $500 to rent a dance floor. Anyone have any ideas for a less expensive DIY floor? Our dance area will be under a tent on a brand new cement patio at a nice hotel. My fiance thinks it will be hard to dance on the cement and that it will be tough when it gets to the "shoes off" time of the night.

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